Our House System

We divide the children into four houses, this breaks the year group boundaries and encourages team building across the key stages and opportunities for peer mentoring. Siblings are allocated to the same house.

Children are allocated into a house from Reception class onwards. The four houses are named after authors. They are:

  • Murphy (Red)
  • Dahl (Green)
  • Rowling (Blue)
  • Wilson (Yellow)

Children can earn house points for good behaviour, good work, polite manners and being kind and considerate to others. Every year, new house captains are voted for to represent their house. At the end of every term, the house captains count the house points. The winning team is rewarded. The children also compete during sports days, sports tournaments and competitions in their house colours. Again the house captains represent the children.

Built into our assembly rota, we also have regular house meetings to encourage team building and working together to achieve a common goal.

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