“Vocabulary is the glue that holds stories, ideas and content together … making comprehension accessible for children.”
Rupely, Logan & Nicholls
Vocabulary is the heart of our curriculum and we aim to provide a vocabulary enriched environment where children are surrounded by wonderful words. Through experience and discussion of new and unfamiliar words we develop learners who are curious about vocabulary. The rich and engaging texts we read and write about help pupils to understand what they read and how to express themselves confidently.


“All the reading she had done had given her a view of life that they had never seen.”
Roald Dahl (Matilda)
At Moat Hall we understand that reading is the foundation that supports children’s learning across the curriculum and ignites the imagination. We aim to develop pupils who have a love of reading and can read fluently and accurately. Through whole-class reading lessons they experience a wealth of texts and genres with rich vocabulary. We teach skills and strategies to develop their understanding of what they read (VIPERS). 
Our classrooms and libraries house a selection of reading books which are carefully graded by reading levels known as book bands. Children are encouraged to read daily at home and have regular opportunities to read in school both independently and with peers or adults. Our two school libraries give pupils the opportunity to select books to read for enjoyment. Pupils also read with reading buddies (older pupils being mentors and role models).


Phonics is one of the key building blocks that your child will use at the beginning of their reading journey. Phonics teaches children the key sounds to be able to listen carefully and identify the phonemes that make up each word.  As a school, we follow the Letters and Sounds scheme. Please see the link 
Although phonics lessons are taught discretely, there are opportunities for these skills to become embedded across the curriculum through opportunities for reading and writing in other subject areas. 


"Writing is a tool to pour your imagination on to paper."
Pupils are encouraged to develop a joy in communicating through writing; from the emergent writing in the Foundation Stage to the accomplished and confident writers who leave our school in Year 6.
Development in writing comes from the enjoyment and inspiration provided by high quality texts; alongside grammar which is taught both discretely and integrated into our units of work. We also systematically teach handwriting from the Nelson scheme. Many of our teaching sequences are taken from No Nonsense Literacy, alongside classic texts and key favourites. Talk for Writing is used in Key Stage 1.  Pupils are given a purpose for writing, with opportunities to write in many different genres. 


During Early Years pupils begin by compose sentences orally and write them down, using their phonic knowledge to spell words they have not yet learned. In Key Stage 1, children begin to learn spelling rules and patterns alongside their use of phonics and are introduced to spelling Common Exception Words (or tricky words) automatically. From Year 2 onwards spelling rules are taught through the No Nonsense Spelling Scheme. 
During Key Stage 2, Spelling becomes more accurate and pupils are able to use their knowledge of spelling conventions to spell words they have not yet been taught.


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