At Moat Hall Primary School, our curriculum will give children the opportunity to achieve their full potential in an environment that promotes high expectations and removes all barriers to learning. We encourage our children to reach high standards in all areas of the curriculum developing clear links between different aspects of their learning.  Our curriculum will develop new skills and a rich and deep subject knowledge underpinned by the teaching of basic skills. 

We believe that the health and well-being of our children is essential. We aim to develop self-esteem and resilience through an investigative and engaging environment that promotes independence and enables them to build respectful relationships.

Children are encouraged to follow their own interests through taking on challenges and reflecting on their learning. A culture of respect, nurture and confidence will allow our children to flourish and become happy, secure and confident life-long learners.

Our curriculum will give children the opportunity to make a positive contribution to the school and our community. Our children will explore ways to become active, resilient citizens who can make choices about issues that are important to them and others. Children will benefit from the active participation of the democratic process and find ways to innovate and express their learning across the curriculum.

Moat Hall Primary School offers a memorable experience that enhances children’s learning by fostering their natural curiosity. We aim to promote resilience in learning and problem solving through a creative approach, underpinned by positive learning behaviours – our learning animals. Our pedagogy develops a rich and varied vocabulary that is ambitious but subject specific, allowing our children to become articulate communicators. Experiences and possibilities excite children’s interest to encourage innovation and entrepreneurialism. 

We invest in every child’s cultural capital and developmental milestones. As we strive to deliver a broad, quality curriculum, we offer all children opportunities for learning and life experiences, both in the classroom and beyond. We firmly believe that knowledge, skills and memories are secured through partnerships, between teachers, parents, carers and external providers, fostering student’s sense of their place in a wider community. Through working together we aim to engage and enrich all aspects of school life, allowing children to develop into informed, resilient, enquiring and independent individuals, open to the wider world and the possibilities of their futures.

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