Virtual Sports Day 2020

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Calling all Moat Hall athletes!

We're raising the starters pistol and officially launching our Moat Hall Virtual Sports Day!

As a school, we want to ensure that all of our children still have the chance to take part in our annual Sports Day, either at home or at school.

So lets turn our collective back gardens, yards and parks into our largest Olympic arena ever!

How it will work:

Our Moat Hall Sports Day Opening Ceremony will start Monday the 29th of June and the events will run until Friday the 3rd of July.

Via Class Dojo your teacher, now trainer, will post activities each day. There are 10 events in total over the 5 days, that you can take part in individually, whether at home or at school.  Training video's will also appear on this page.

All activities are designed for all children to have a go at from Nursery to Year 6.

All activities are simple sporting activities that require either simple household items (eg socks... clean preferably!) or no equipment at all.

We're encouraging all children to take part, challenge themselves and to have fun! Then with your consent, to share and post the scores and videos of the children participating on Class Dojo.

As part of our closing ceremony, with your permission and consent, we will combine the footage from class Dojo to create a video celebrating all of your children's efforts during the week.

This is voluntary, however, we would really want as many children participating and having fun as possible.

We're looking forward to seeing all of your videos and scores next week!

Have fun and be active.



Training Videos

Day 1

Event 1 (Shuttle Run)

Event 2 ( Long Jump)


Day 2

Event 3 (Speed Bounce)

Event 4 ( Target Throw)


Day 3

Event 5 (Star Jump)

Event 6 (Catch)


Day 4

Event 7 (Slalom Hop)

Event 8 (Egg and Spoon)


Day 5

Event 9 (The Hurdles)

Event 10 (Obstacle Course)

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