Staff List (April - September 2020)

Jane King Head Teacher  
Office Staff
Karen Gentles Office Manager  
Jacquie Thompson Administration/Finance Assistant  
Heather Allen Clerical Assistant  
Teaching staff
Emma Bradford Reception EYFS Leader and PSHE Leader
Emily Jones Nursery RE Leader
Marie Catchpole Year 1 Phonics Leader
Lisa Goodhead Year 2 Art Leader
Katie Ford Year 2 KS1 Leader and English Leader
Chloe Stanley  Year 3 NQT
Ben Barclay Year 3  
Louise Darrall Year 4 KS2 Leader, Maths Leader and Computing Leader
Josh Place  Year 4 P.E. Leader
Chantelle Wayland Year 5 Science Leader
Jess Cross Year 5 History Leader
Hayley Summerfield Year 6 D & T Leader
Teaching Assistants
Hayley Jones Nursery  
Gemma Porter Nursery  
Andrea Wise Nursery  
Katie Waters Nursery  
Rachel Rawlins Early Years Apprentice  
Megan Lloyd Nursery Apprentice  
Vicky Silk Reception  
Deb Peach Year 1  
Wendy Biddulph Year 2  
Sarah Willetts Year 2  
Theresa Goodall SEN  
Donna Broadhurst Year 3  
Yvonne Dickens Year 3  
Frank Turner Year 5  
Nikki Mumford Year 4  
Jackie Robinson Year 6  
Emma King SEN  
Ben Jurance Sports Coach  
Simon Johnson Computing   
 Ann Escritt SENCO  
Lunchtime supervisors
Deb Sellman Senior Lunchtime Supervisor  
Sharon Allen Lunchtime Supervisor  
Susan Corfield Lunchtime Supervisor  
Dawn Fletcher Lunchtime Supervisor  
Rachel Rawlins Lunchtime Supervisor  
Angela Higgs Lunchtime Supervisor  
Maria Peach Lunchtime Supervisor  
Toni Turner Lunchtime Supervisor  
Andrea Walker Lunchtime Supervisor  
Michelle Gallett Lunchtime Supervisor  
Ian Johnson Site Manager  
Lisa Morris Catering Manager  
Yvonne Cummins Supervisory Assistant (lead)  
Michelle Poole Supervisory Assistant  
Diane Worsey Supervisory Assistant  
Natalie Price Cleaner  
Kim Pedley Cleaner  
Michelle Gallett Cleaner  
Toni Turner Cleaner  


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