Staff List (April - September 2020)

Mrs Jane King Head Teacher  
Office Staff
Mrs K Gentles Office Manager  
Miss J Thompson Finance Officer  
Mrs H Allen Clerical Assistant  
Teaching staff
Mrs E Bradford Reception EYFS Lead and PSHE Leader
Mrs E Jones Nursery RE Lead
Mrs M Catchpole Year 1 Phonics Lead
Mrs L Goodhead Year 2 Art Lead
Miss K Ford Year 2 KS1 Lead and English Lead
Miss C Stanley  Year 3 NQT
Mr B Barclay Year 3 Curriculum Lead
Miss L Darrall Year 4 KS2 Lead and Maths Lead
Mr J Place  Year 4 P.E. Lead
Mrs C Wayland Year 5 Science Lead
Miss J Cross Year 5 History Lead
Mrs H Summerfield Year 6 D & T Lead
Teaching Assistants
Mrs A Wise Mini Moats  
Miss A Lawless Mini Moats  
Mrs H Jones Pre-School  
Miss S Willetts Nursery  
Miss K Waters Reception  
Mrs V Silk Reception  
Miss E Heppel Early Years Apprentice  
Mrs Rawlins Early Years Apprentice  
Miss G Porter Year 1  
Mrs D Sellman SEN  
Mrs D Peach Year 2  
Mrs W Biddulph Year 3  
Mrs Y Dickens Year 3  
Mrs  E King SEN  
Miss N Mumford Year 4  
Mr F Turner Year 5  
Mrs D Pincher Year 6  
Mrs T Goodhall SEN  
Mr B Jurance Sports Coach  
Mr S Johnson Computing   
 Mrs A Escritt SENCO  
Lunchtime supervisors
Mrs D Sellman Senior Lunchtime Supervisor  
Mrs P Daley Lunchtime Supervisor  
Mrs S Corfield Lunchtime Supervisor  
Mrs D Fletcher Lunchtime Supervisor  
Mrs R Rawlins Lunchtime Supervisor  
Mrs A Higgs Lunchtime Supervisor  
Mrs M Peach Lunchtime Supervisor  
Mrs G Turner Lunchtime Supervisor  
Mrs A Walker Lunchtime Supervisor  
Mrs M Gallett Lunchtime Supervisor  
Mr I Johnson Senior Site Supervisor  
Mrs L Morris Catering Manager  
Mrs Y Cummins Catering Assistant (lead)  
Mrs J Poole Catering Assistant  
Mrs D Worsey Catering Assistant  
Mrs N Price Cleaner  
Mrs K Pedley Cleaner  
Mrs M Gallett Cleaner  
Mrs G Turner Cleaner  
Mrs P Daley Cleaner  


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