School's actions in response to the monitoring visit

The wider curriculum:

  • Although the wider curriculum has been on the school development plan for the last year, because of the pandemic, we did not implement all the actions we had originally intended.
  • The school development plan has been reviewed.
  • We have introduced a new curriculum that is subject specific rather than topic based.  For example, we are now studying pure geography units rather than the topics called 'Land Ahoy' which incorporates all aspects of the curriculum.  This will give the teachers more opportunity to teach subjects in greater depth and children more opportunity to acquire more knowledge and skills.
  • The new curriculum is planned for the whole year and is monitored by our new Assistant Head Teacher.
  • We have reintroduced White Rose Maths across school from year 1 to year 6.  This will give more structure to the planning of sequences of maths lessons.
  • Catchup Interventions for reading and maths will continue.  We will also be introducing Tutoring with the Lightning Squad daily readers.
  • French and music is to be taught weekly from years 3 to 6.
  • Some classes will have access to musical instruments that are taught by peripatetic services.


  • Governors have appointed a new assistant headteacher who is responsible for the wider curriculum and the quality of teaching and learning across the school.
  • A new chair of governors and 2 new governors have been appointed.
  • A new KS1 phase leader is in place.


  • In-house training to take place regularly to ensure early identification of those children who are struggling with English and Maths.
  • Diagnostic assessments are planned routinely throughout the year to assess children with SEN progress.


  • School has been successful in bidding for finances to develop a new school library.

OFSTED Reports

Ofsted Report

Ofsted Performance Tables

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In 2020 OFSTED said:

  • "Everyone is made to feel welcome at moat Hall Primary School."
  • "The headteacher is highly respected by the school community."
  • "There is a strong sense of belonging. Pupils are kind and look after each other."
  • "Parent say 'staff go above and beyond' and 'really put the children first'."
  • "Leaders care deeply about pupils and want the best for them."
  • "Teachers' plans for reading, writing and mathematics ensure that learning builds on what pupils already know."
  • "Pupils love coming to school. They say this is because lesson are fun and exciting."
  • "Behaviour is managed very well, so the school day runs smoothly."
  • "Bullying is rare, and pupils know that adults will always help them with any problems."
  • "Lots of interesting things happen at Moat Hall Primary, such as visits to different places."
  • "There is an impressive range of clubs, and this helps to develop pupils' confidence."
  • "Pupils' personal development is a strength. Pupils make an active contribution by caring for the well-being of others."
  • "The arrangements for safeguarding are effective."
  • "The site is well maintained and secure."
  • "Pupils feel safe and happy at the school."

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