Becoming a Governor

Being a governor is a voluntary role. Our aim is to deliver our vision that the children of Moat Hall primary get the best possible education, that they are happy and safe and enjoy their time at school. We support the headteacher and the staff of the school but also at times hold them to account and challenge them to ensure that we deliver our objectives.

Our role differs from that of the headteacher. The governing body works at the strategic level, setting objectives and policy, whereas the headteacher has an operational role and is responsible for delivering the policies and meeting our objectives. As governors we make our decisions following discussions which we record in the minutes of our meetings; the head teacher manages the school using their professional judgement.

Governing bodies vary in their size and make up. Generally they are made up of representatives from the community, the local authority, parents of children at the school and staff members.

If you are interested in becoming a governor we would really like to hear from you, email the school office or pop in and leave your details, but please make sure you have taken the opportunity to understand exactly what is required of the role. To help we have provided a number of links to websites we have found useful in explaining the role of a school governor.

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