Attendance and Success

At Moat Hall Primary School we expect the very best of our children and celebrate those who work hard and understand the importance of punctuality and attendance. Good attendance is considered a high priority.

It is the responsibility and legal duty of parents / carers to ensure that their child attends school. We seek a partnership with parents to encourage good attendance and punctuality. We reserve the right, as part of our safeguarding responsibilities, to make a home visit if a child's absence is causing concern and no contact has been made with the school.


Legal Responsibilities

Parents have a legal duty to ensure that their child attends regularly and punctually.

  • The Local Authority has a legal duty to ensure that parents carry out this responsibility.
  • The school has a legal duty to record absence of registered pupils in compliance with the regulations.

Absence from school

If your child is absent from school, parents / carers are requested to phone the school office on the first day of absence and, if the absence is more than one day, please maintain contact with school daily.

Parents are required to inform the school of all absence by personal contact, letter, e-mail or telephone. Notification of the nature of the illness and the expected length of absence is also requested.


A telephone call to the parent / carer will be made on the first day of each non-attendance if no contact has already been received.


If an explanation for absence is unsatisfactory parents will be contacted to discuss any difficulties with school attendance.


For medical or other appointments during the school day, notification is required in advance. Routine appointments / check-ups should be made out of school hours wherever possible. 



  • Holidays are not permitted during term-time unless there are exceptional circumstances.
  • Any period of leave taken without the agreement of the school will be classes as unauthorised and will attract sanctions such as a Fixed Penalty Notice.
  • If you require a period of leave for your child please submit this request in writing to the headteacher as soon as possible prior to the leave.


Attendance monitoring

If a student does not attend school regularly, the impact on their progress cannot be underestimated. The government set a benchmark of 95%, above this level of attendance students are expected to make the best progress. Attendance below 95% could seriously affect a child's progress. At Moat Hall Primary School we keep track of the attendance of all of our students and as a parent / carer you can expect the following actions:

  • For persistent unauthorised absence, a telephone call is made to the parent / carer on every day of each non-attendance. If an explanation for absence is unsatisfactory parents will be contacted to discuss any difficulties with school attendance.
  • If a pupil's attendance is a cause for concern a letter is sent home highlighting this to parents. If attendance continues to fall then a meeting with the Headteacher will be arranged.
  • If a pupil's attendance continues to be a concern parents may be notified that any further absences for illness will be unauthorised without medical evidence and a referral made to the Education Welfare Officer (EWO).


Incentives for Good Attendance at Moat Hall

In Stars of the Week Assembly, the class with the highest attendance percentage for that week is rewarded with 10 minutes playtime. They are presented with the attendance cup.

As well as the weekly winners, the classes' cumulative attendance is recorded on a league table. At the end of every term, the winning class has a swimming party to celebrate their continued excellent attendance.

We also have a competition between girls and boys to see who has the best attendance for each week. the winners, whether it's the girls or the boys from each class, have 10 minutes extra dinner time.

100 club - Every week the 100 club is updated to show those children who haven't had a day's absence for the term. They are rewarded monthly for the time they remain in the club.

100% at the end of the year

Those children that have 100% attendance for the whole year are invited to take part in a free trip to Walsall Arboretum where we go in the Splashpad, feed the ducks, have a picnc, play on the park and finish off with a delicious ice cream. It's a fabulous day, packed full of fun and laughter. The children really look forward to this trip.


Why punctuality is so important

  • Children that arrive late are likely to have missed the start of the lesson which makes it more difficult for them to learn as the lesson progresses.

  • Late arrivals distract classmates and interrupt the teacher's lesson.

  • Children that arrive late are likely to feel unsettled and are embarrassed to walk into class once it has started.
  • Children that arrive late are developing bad habits. It sets up your child for the future; whether at primary school, secondary school, college or work. They could lose their place or job if they think it is acceptable to be late.

Classroom doors open at 08:45 and lessons begin at 08:55. The register is taken twice a day; once at the start of the morning session and once at the start of the afternoon session. Children will receive a late mark if they are not in class by 08:55am. The register officially closes at 09:15am, after which time pupils arriving without good reason will be marked as a U which counts as a legal absence.

For any pupils where punctuality continues to be a problem, parents / carers are invited in to meet with Mrs King, the headteacher.

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