Moat Hall Primary took outdoor learning experiences to a whole new level this June as Mrs King made the brave decision to do something special for her children and different to any other local schools in the area. In a school where ‘children come first’, rather than fitting in with the norm where schools do their best to bring the seaside to them, Moat Hall did the opposite by going one better, taking them to the seaside! For two action packed days, Moat Hall shut its doors to pupils and as teachers left their classrooms behind, the coaches were loaded, and 260 excitable children were whisked off to Somerset!   

After 3 long hours of “Are we nearly there yet?” echoing the length of each air-conditioned coach, Moat Hall arrived at a sun-drenched Weston Super Mare. As each coach drove steadily along the seafront promenade to their designated drop off points, teachers were being treated to a ‘Mexican wave’ of excitable cheers from their fellow passengers that grew increasingly louder as their views of Weston’s golden sands drew nearer. Seat belts off, and with an array of brightly coloured bucket and spades in hand, children and staff alike were ready and raring to go.  

Offloaded, the children made their way to our own private area of the beach. They marked their spot with some of Primark’s brightest summer beach towels and quickly ate their lunches before the somewhat ravenous seagulls attempted to pick off the delicious snacks provided by you lovely parents, for a little brunch of their own. Once the food was eaten, children layered on the sun cream put their hats on and it was now time for the fun to commence!

Rising from their spot, children scattered in all directions with their friends and began to entertain themselves. We witnessed some amazing sculptures that were being created on the surface of the sand and marvellous sandcastles, fit for a princess, were built reaching high into the sky. A fair few craters were also made as some pupils decided to dig their way to Australia; not forgetting the children whose legs had somehow disappeared below the sand to be replaced by some intricate mermaid tails. Some of our older Year 6 children were obviously a little ‘too cool’ for this and saw a prime opportunity to top up their tans whilst having a good natter; rehearsing a few scenes from their fast approaching end of year play, Bugsy Malone or enhancing their team work and ball skills in friendly football and cricket matches. 

As groups of children continued to enjoy themselves in the sun, each class were gradually whisked away from the others and their chosen activities, for their next little treat - Donkey rides! Each child was given the opportunity to channel their inner “cowboy” and “cowgirl” and rode up and down a stretch of the beach, with their best friends’ for company. After many children had shaken off their initial nerves, having never ridden on a donkey before, the concerned looks that once filled their faces were being replaced by smiles and laughter that could be seen and heard from afar. When children reached the “end of the line”, each one hopped off, said their goodbyes to their new four-legged friends and ran to get their final sweet treat of the day – Ice Cream! 

As the children steadily walked back to join the others, each child quickly cooled themselves down by consuming their very own “Mr Whippy” ice cream with each one covered in brightly coloured sauces in a variety of different flavours.

With the Donkeys ridden, the ice creams consumed, albeit for the last few unfinished drips that were running down their chins, it was time to go. The children gathered their belongings together, had their final toilet visit of the day and boarded the coaches ready for home. It wasn’t long before the excited cheers that originally echoed across the length of each coach were replaced by the snores of some very worn out children who were ready for their beds. 

Arriving back at Moat Hall and as the day drew to a close, their adventure was over but, it would forever be remembered as a day full of fun, laughter and new experiences which would leave them with a lifetime of memories. Until next time Weston Super Mare, we will meet again. 

Enjoy a few snaps from our day...     

Elliot Donkey Ride

Elliot is all smiles as he enjoys his donkey ride.

Martha and Sophie Beach Fun

Martha (left) and Sophie (right) happily hunting for their missing feet.

Jamie, Leighton and Daniel Beach Fun

Jamie (left), Leighton (centre) and James (right) digging their way to Australia.